Mercedes SLK 230  kompressor 


Modèle : SLK 230  kompressor 
Carosserie : Convertible
Année : 2004
Kilométrage : 128,000 KM
Transmission : Automatique
Traction : Traction arrière
Carburant : Essence
  • Vitre électrique
  • Mirroir électrique
  • Air climatisé
  • Door lock
  • Bluetooth
Version Vente de consignation


Prix : 7,900.00 $

MERCEDES SLK 230  kompressor

Forget, too, that this Mercedes looked, with its bulging bum and two-pane glass backlight, like a modern Renault (a company that was shamed out of America after foisting the Alliance on our fair country).

No, we were not rude to Mercedes for these reasons. Our real concerns had to do with the function of the automobile: (1) The engine, a 2.3-liter iron-block supercharged four-cylinder, was a far ruder thing than your humble author is on his worst days; (2) the standard-issue six-speed manual transmission was described by us as ropy, rubbery, and uncertain, not to mention just plain poor; (3) despite its « sports coupe